Make better decisions

In the biopharmaceutical sector poor decision-making can make the difference between a blockbuster and a dud. Doesn't it make sense to invest in your decision-making processes?

BioPartnering's platform helps you tap the very brightest people inside and outside your organisation to help you make better decisions

Decades of experiences

For nearly two decades BioPartnering has been a leading provider of services that enabled business development, alliance management and research teams in the biopharmaceutical sector to make better decisions. Over that period we have been at the forefront of developments in way that organisations collect intelligence from partners and other organisations.

Assessing your strengths and weaknesses as a negotiating partner

One of the core aspects of successful business development is having strong negotiation skills. But simply having strong negotiation skills is not enough: your negotiations skills have to be as good as, if not better than, your competitors. So how do you find out how effective your team’s negotiation skills are compared to your competitors? Read more...

Our platform creates a new paradigm in getting real-time feedback to support decision-making by biopharmaceutical teams. The platform enables alliance management, business development, clinical research and teams in biopharmaceutical organisations to make better decisions by building engagement with employees, partners and other stakeholder groups.

The platform allows those teams to foster authentic ongoing relationships with the people they need to connect with in less time and with less effort, offering highly targeted real-time feedback about the team's important decisions and questions.

The BioPartnering partnership healthcheck

The BioPartnering partnership healthcheck is a service from Silico Research intended to deliver rapid feedback to alliance managers on both sides of an alliance or partnership in a professional and confidential but cost-effective manner Read more...

These are some of the companies in the sector that have used BioPartnering to help them make better decisions: Amgen, AstraZeneca, Eli Lilly, Merck & Co, Merck, Novartis, Roche.

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