BioPartnering is the largest programme of its type in the life sciences

The BioPartnering Programme regularly polls executives in life science companies across the world in order to assess the strengths and weaknesses of the largest biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies as perceived by senior professionals working in the sector. Over the past decade more than 1,000 senior executives have provided feedback through BioPartnering.

The service design has been significantly overhauled in order to improve the range and quality of feedback from respondents. As well as asking respondents to rate companies across general capabilities the Programme now polls specific groups of senior executives in the sector with questions relevant to their job. So for example Sales Directors will be asked to rate companies across a number of factors directly relevant to sales and marketing capabilities. Business Development Directors, on the other hand, will be asked to rate companies in the sector on their across a number of factors directly relevant to business development capabilities.

This means that the feedback about companies in the survey will be far more relevant and a more accurate representation of the reputation of companies in the survey for each set of capabilities. As well as being analysed by each set of capabilities, the feedback from all respondents will be aggregated to provide overall ratings across all parts of the pharmaceutical value chain.

Specific question sets will include:

Strategic alliance management · Business Development · Chief executives · Clinical research · Finance · Human resources · Information technology · Pre-clinical research · Sales and marketing.

Relevant external groups, for example analysts, financiers and bankers concentrating on the sector, will also be included in the survey for the first time this year.


The survey methodology has been developed by Silico and its partners over past decade to ensure that the feedback about companies is as independent and comprehensive as possible. Key aspects of the methodology are as follows:

The mailing list used in the survey consists of senior executives in biopharmaceutical companies across the globe and has been created by Silico from its own resources and databases. We do not use client or partner contacts. All reaching out to senior executives is done by Silico independently of clients and partners. All respondent data is anonymized and aggregated before being shared with clients and partners. This ensures that clients have access to honest feedback.

Companies included in the analysis

The service covers the largest biopharmaceutical companies in the world measured by revenues. The following is the full set of companies included in the 2016 version of the service:

AbbVie · Amgen · Astellas · AstraZeneca · Biogen Idec · Boehringer Ingelheim · Bristol-Myers Squibb · Celgene · Daiichi Sankyo · Gilead Sciences · GlaxoSmithKline · Johnson & Johnson · Lilly · Merck & Co · Merck Serono · Novartis · Pfizer · Roche/Genentech · Sanofi.

Contact us for more information about BioPartnering Programme or click the button to apply to join the Programme Panel contributing feedback about the companies included in the analysis. The survey is very short and should only take you a few minutes to complete. In return for participating in the research you will be provided with a comprehensive summary of the analysis. In order to ensure that the Programme Panel is limited to qualified organisations and that the benchmarking data is of the highest quality you will be asked to provide your details, including your work email, before being allowed to participate. These details will be confidential and will not be shared with any other organisation in any circumstances.

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