Strategic alliance healthchecks:
Get a complete 360 degree view of your strategic alliances and collaborations

Silico Research's Strategic Alliance Healthcheck Tracker is used by organisations that want to get a complete 360 assessment of the health of a strategic alliance by gathering data from the team members on both sides of the strategic alliance. The survey is administered by Silico Research as an independent intermediary on behalf of the partners.

By acting as a trusted intermediary and by making sure that all data and comments are fully anonymized before they are disclosed to the other side, we enable team members on both sides of the strategic alliance or collaboration to express themselves truthfully and honestly. All comments are vetted by Silico and, where appropriate, we discuss with the strategic alliance manager whether any comments should be redacted or edited before they are presented to the other side.

The healthcheck is fully customisable, but the areas the healthcheck covers typically include the impact on the strategic alliance or collaboration of each partner's processes and culture, each partner's staff and, where appropriate, the governance of the strategic alliance. Some of the measures captured by the survey include:

The survey instrument also affords respondents ample opportunity to make comments at each stage of the survey. These comments provide a large invaluable source of supporting and explanatory detail.

As part of the reporting and review process the feedback from both partners is extensively benchmarked against the feedback collected by Silico Research for other leading companies in the sector.

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