The BioPartnering Business Development Programme

Feedback from business development relationships is a powerful tool for maximising the value of business development operations

The BioPartnering Business Development Programme is used by biopharmaceutical organisations to make better business development decisions. We do this by engaging senior executives in organisations that they have reached out to as part of their business development operations in an iterative, multi-step and multi-channel conversation. Through this process we uncover less obvious insights, impressions and emotions that might otherwise easily go by unnoticed.

Going beyond the facts

A key goal of the programme is to find out how your partners feel about your organisation and your team. For example, do they enjoy working with your team or does your organisation frustrate them? The programme explores your partners' attitudes and motivations when interacting with your organisation to give you a more complete picture of your partnerships and how your partners are likely to behave in the future.

The Programme covers the most important business development skills sets including:

  1. The client's ability to identifying new markets and opportunities.
  2. The client's understanding of the key trends and developments in the sector.
  3. Its ability to build and leverage relationships founded on trust and integrity to maximise opportunities.
  4. Its commitment to building long-term relationships.
  5. The client's ability to understand and manage the cultural differences between organisations.
  6. Its understanding of the resources that potential partners can bring to negotiations.
  7. Its responsiveness and openness.
  8. Its communication, negotiation and collaboration abilities.
  9. The client's willingness to set out clearly what it is looking for in potential deals and partners.
  10. Its willingness to build win-win relationships.
  11. The client's ability to remain flexible and seek alternative options to problems when they arise.

The Programme structure

The Programme is an iterative multi-level conversation with your partners and potential partners consisting of the following stages:

  1. The confidential kick-off survey starts the conversation. It is sent to the key executives in your partners and potential partners. Your contacts are offered the opportunity of skipping the kick-off survey and going straight to the conversation.
  2. Respondents who give feedback in the kick-off survey are invited to participate in a confidential one-to-one follow-on conversation addressing issues raised by their feedback. This conversation takes place through email, social media, messaging services and/or video with one of Silico's senior team members with a deep experience of conducting this type of conversation.
  3. Non-respondents to the kick-off survey invitation, the 'survey adverse', will be approached directly to join the conversation through whichever channel is most convenient for them. So capturing another valuable source of intelligence.
  4. This conversation uncovers the motivations and thought processes lying behind the respondent's views and decisions. It reveals the truths that lie beneath the surface rather than statements and data skimmed from the top.
  5. Where the respondent gives their consent the video recordings will form part of the presentation of the feedback to the client so that they can examine how things are said as well as what is said.

Silico manages all aspects of the process on behalf of the client and acts as a trusted intermediary between the client and its partners. By ensuring that all data and comments are fully anonymized before they are presented to the client, we enable team members in partner organisations to express themselves truthfully and honestly in a way that they would not otherwise be able to do.

Analysis and Benchmarking

The analytical model used to generate insights from the client's feedback is discussed with the client and customised to match the client's requirements.

Silico has conducted hundreds of similar partner surveys over the past twelve years. Where required the dataset will be extensively benchmarked with Silico's considerable databases of partner feedback stretching back for over a decade.

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