The previous BioPartnering survey

More than 200 researchers and senior executives provided feedback for the survey

The biennial BioPartnering Prospective Partners Survey polls executives in life science companies across the world in order to measure the reputation of the largest biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies amongst professionals working in the sector. The survey covers the core factors driving a company's attractiveness as a partner together with the respondent's view of the company as a potential partner. The questions are based on the most important drivers of a company's attractiveness as a potential strategic alliance partner.

BioPartnering 2014 was the latest iteration of the long-running flagship survey of sentiment in the sector. For the survey 205 senior executives in the life sciences provided feedback about the largest companies in the sector.

Some of the big biotechnology companies, including Allegan, Biogen, Celgene and Gilead became large enough to be included in the survey for the first time in 2014. Three of those companies, Celgene, Biogen and Allergan immediately rose to top of the table of the most admired companies in the sector. Otherwise, all but four of the companies on the list in the both the 2012 and 2014 surveys saw their ratings rise as the industry entered a period of stability (tax-inversion driven deals aside) after a period of disruption cause by a number of large mergers and acquisitions.

For an analysis of the differences between the feedback from respondents for top performing companies and the companies that attracted poorer feedback click here.

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