Benchmarking Dataset

Silico has released the latest version of its benchmarking database for teams in alliance management and business development. The benchmarking database now includes over 80,000 partnering and collaboration-related ratings, comments and keywords.

Silico Research

Silico Research is a research consultancy that has been a trusted adviser and provider of research services for more than ten years to global companies on partnering, alliances, relationships and reputation management both within the organisation and externally. Our current and past clients include AstraZeneca, Eli Lilly, IBM, Merck & Co, Merck Serono, Novartis and Roche. These and other clients come to Silico Research when they need confidential high-quality advice about their partnerships and feedback from partners, often involving deals worth billions of dollars.

Why us?

Clients come to us, for example, when they need to understand how they are perceived by their community and large, when they are about to forge a partner acquisition strategy, when they need to calibrate a partner communication strategy or when they want to improve management of a portfolio of existing alliances. What sets Silico Research apart is the evidence-based, empirical, nature of our analysis. Our independent, honest, fact-driven advice enables clients to make distinctive, lasting and substantial improvements in their partnering capabilities.

The BioPartnering Programme

Silico has recently announced the launch of the latest version of the BioPartnering Programme. Expanded and extensively redesigned, BioPartnering that consists of a cluster of services that, together, provide the most comprehensive source of insight into the current state of collaborations in the biopharmaceutical sector available today. BioPartnering currently includes three core services: the BioPartnering Programme, the BioPartnering Current Partners Programme and the BioPartnering Business Development Programme.

BioPartnering: Previous surveys

The results of the previous surveys including rankings of the top companies in each survey are still available.


Silico Research has released a white paper examining the relationship between trust and the success of a collaboration based on our large database of data about alliances. The results of our analysis contradict 'conventional wisdom'.

CRO Insights+

The CRO Insights+ Tracker Programme gathers feedback from researchers and investigators in the life sciences to assess the reputation of the largest providers of outsourced research and development services in the sector. The Programme tracks feedback about the organisations across a range of factors including responsiveness, openness and willingness to share information, commitment to trust, reliability and an ethical approach to research and ability to attract, develop and keep talented people.

Alliance failure rates, reconsidered

Using our benchmarking database of feedback in hundreds of partnering and similar surveys we have examined the claims made by academics and industry observers about the failure rate for alliances and found them, well....pretty far off the mark.

The Current Partners Programme

The Current Partners Programme is a comprehensive assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of a life science organisation as a partner. The Programme covers more than seventy measures, ranging from cultural factors through to the governance of the partnership. The Programme has been developed over ten years of working closely with many of the top alliance management teams in the sector.

Asians the most positive about partnering

Recent analysis by Silico Research has found that senior life science executives in companies based in the Asia-Pacific region are more positive about the prospects for and partnering with large pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. Of the top six countries in terms of attitude to partnering five were from the Asia-Pacific region. Of the bottom six counties in terms of attitude to partnering not a single one was from that region.

Partnering Benchmarks Programme

Silico has recently announced the launch of the Partnering Benchmarks Programme. The purpose of the Programme is to generate and share information about the use of benchmarking data by alliance and collaboration management teams in a number of sectors including the biopharmaceutical sector. The data provided by respondents will be aggregated and anonymized before being shared with participating organisations.

Partnering Success Drivers

The Partnership Success Factors Programme is designed to share information about the most important factors that affect the success or failure of partnerships, alliances, collaborations, channel, outsourcing and other external relationships across all sectors. Participants in the Programme are asked to describe factors that have affected the success or failure of a partnership, the importance of the factor and the responsibility of each party for that factor.

Partnership healthchecks:
Get a complete 360 degree view of your collaborations

Silico Research's Partnership Healthcheck Tracker is used by organisations that want to get a complete 360 assessment of the health of a partnership by gathering data from the team members on both sides of the partnership. The survey is administered by Silico Research as an independent intermediary on behalf of the partners.